Been makin websites and web apps for about 10 years.



Graduated with a BFA in Communication Design from SUNY Buffalo. Honestly, I feel like everything I know now I've learned through real world experience/self-learning, but I got the piece of paper so I should probably mention it.


Figma is the new love of my life, but I'm also proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite and Sketch if the need ever arises. I also love to use tools like Webflow, UserTesting, Fullstory, Heap, and Optimizely in my practice.


It's been (and still is) a whirlwind since I started leading product design at CommonBond... but I'll highlight a few things:
Refi conversion is at an all time high.

Overhauled CommonBond’s refinance application, which has led to a 49.6% lift in our holy grail metric, same day SCPA to HCPA conversion since 2019.

Launched a full-fledged component system.
Designed a component system that helped streamline collaboration between designers and developers. Since it's launch, we've achieved better efficiency, consistency, and scalability in all of our product initiatives.

Internal accelerator program.
‍Led a 6-month user research project to help determine the strategic direction for a new financial product.

Survived an in-house rebrand.
Led the creation of a rebranded digital design system and product marketing website, and scaled that system to all of our apps... in two months. (case study)

Needed a break from the full-time grind, so I took a year to do some photography residencies, travel, and freelance.

Freelance highlight:
Designed the UX for Rose & Abbot’s custom skincare quiz, which formulates a custom moisturizer based on the users skin type, behavior, and lifestyle. (case study)

Designed custom products for marketing companies to help them with their internal workflows. Most of these products focused on optimizing project management and analytics reporting.

During the last 6-months of my time at Velocidi they shifted the company to be a white-label CDP, and I focused solely on building out an easy to use drag and drop interface for that product.

Designed many responsive websites with custom CMS’s that clients could maintain after launch.

Started my journey with user research.

Lurking behind many beautiful websites is a shitty CMS. A website is as much a product for those maintaining it, as it is for the end user. Because we needed to take time to understand the workflows we were designing for, user interviews became a crucial part of my practice. 

Shifted to modular design.
The biggest pain-point we discovered in our research was that templates are too rigid. How might we give more control to people who may not have a ton of technical know-how? Instead of giving them templates, give them parts of templates. And so began my journey into component systems.

Collaborated with local and international development teams to ship desktop and mobile websites for multinational companies. Beyond learning how to build great user interfaces, I also was tasked with doing low level (HTML/CSS) coding on every project, which helped me build excellent foundations. (sizzle reel, if you'd like a laugh)