In-Credible Integration

UX + UI + Rapid Prototyping

I led the design work for CommonBond's first *fully remote* third party integration for the refinance app during the (first?) peak of the pandemic.

WTF is refinancing? 
I thought you'd never ask... Refinancing is a tool that people can use to help relieve the burden of high interest rate student loans. We pay off your old loans and replace them with a better single loan.  

Houston, we have some problems...



There was urgency from stakeholders to get Credible live ASAP. So, I recreated our cosign solicit page in Webflow (no-code!) with a new block that referred users to Credible. We temporarily routed users to this page while we built out the more robust functionality.

We measured credible referral link clicks to get an initial sense of opt-in, and to help set goal expectations for the API integration.


We designed an opt-in into our soft credit pull experience which gives users the option to check their rates with Credible while checking rates with us.

Credible requires a users full higher education history in order, but CommonBond only needs a husers highest degree.

To deal with this we had to create an additional eligibility page that captured undergraduate details from any cosign solicited user with a graduate degree.

Once all required data points are captured, a user is routed to one of three possible cosign solicit experiences, based upon the status we get back from Credible's API.